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Cyber Engineering Research Institute (CERI)

Bridging Research & Application

The Cyber Engineering Research Institute (CERI) focuses on open, exploratory research in cyber security in partnership with academia and industry and provides collaborators an accessible portal to Sandia's cybersecurity experts and facilities.

CERI's resources include Sandia's cyber research staff and two facilities: The Cyber Engineering Research Laboratory (CERL), located in the Sandia Science and Technology Park in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and the Cyber Technology Research Laboratory (CTRL), located in the Livermore Valley Open Campus in California.

CERI's two research facilities, CERL and CTRL, are established outside Sandia's classified campus to facilitate hosting of academic and industry collaborators.

Cyber Engineering Research Laboratory (CERL)
Cyber Technology Research Laboratory (CTRL)



CERI facilitates partnerships between Sandia's cyber community, industry, academia, and government.


CERI provides an environment for visionary, threat-informed research on national cyber challenges.


CERI catalyzes research collaborations that align new cyber technologies with national needs.


CERI helps identify, recruit and develop the next generation of cybersecurity experts.

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Cyber Engineering Research Institute