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Cybersecurity Technologies Research Laboratory (CTRL)

A New Resource for Cyber Security Collaboration

Cybersecurity Technologies Research Laboratory (CTRL)
Sandia has opened the doors of its new Cybersecurity Technologies Research Laboratory (CTRL) to partners in industry, academia, and government. CTRL provides an open, yet secure, facility for examining, researching, and solving some of the toughest security challenges to cyber network systems. CTRL offers partners a gateway to the immense capabilities of a premier national laboratory with decades of experience in engineering solutions to highly complex, high-consequence security issues. Located in Livermore, California, CTRL is an ideal gathering place for experts from throughout the cyber community.

CRTL partners are at the forefront of efforts to frame and guide solutions to critical cyber security problems. Through this work, they acquire first-hand, early knowlege of innovative approaches to real-world situations—information they can use to bolster the security of their own critical cyber assets. Ultimately, CTRL collaborators become essential partners in changing the cyber landscape by helping formulate the science foundation needed for robust cybersecurity research and development.

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