The solution of linear systems arises within many scientific applications. In many cases, the storage and CPU time required by these linear systems dominate the overall simulation. The Aztec team has worked closely with a large number of ASCI applications at Sandia and is currently in heavy use at Sandia as the linear solver of choice for massively parallel applications. Some of the Sandia codes using or planning to use Aztec in the near term include:

  MPSalsa (Reacting Flows)     GOMA (Free Surface Moving-Mesh)
  COYOTEII (Heat Transfer)     Salinas (Structural Dynamics)

In most of these applications, Aztec is performing a critical task that requires a significant portion of the total simulation time. The availability of Aztec has greatly facilitated the work of these application engineers by providing them with leading edge iterative methods and by freeing them from the often cumbersome programming tasks associated with parallel iterative methods.

In addition to internal use, a number of groups outside Sandia are using Aztec. To date, there are over 100 licensed Aztec external users worldwide. In addition, we are working with LLNL on a DOE2000 effort which will link Aztec into a common platform that will connect several different DOE packages.

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