The Aztec iterative package has been developed and expanded according to user demands and needs. In this past year, we have improved our matrix-free interface. The new interface makes it easier to integrate different applications with Aztec, provide user-supplied preconditioning routines, as well as to provide different matrices: one to be solved and the other to apply preconditioning algorithms. There are a number of new features that are not entirely ready for prime-time. These features are being used inside several Sandia codes but are not officially released outside Sandia. Some of these new internal capabilities include: solving complex arithmetic matrices, pivoting within the BILU scheme, several multilevel solvers (e.g. a parallel algebraic multigrid method based on smoothed aggregation), using Aztec preconditioners/solvers recursively (e.g. within subdomains when using domain decomposition), new convergence norms, etc.

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