Ms. Harriet Coverston has over 35 years of Kernel design and development in HPC Systems. Ms. Coverston worked at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory from 1967 to 1974. While at the Lab, Ms. Coverston participated on a 5 person team who wrote the CDC 7600 Livermore Timesharing System. Ms. Coverston worked for Control Data Corporation from 1974 to 1986. Ms. Coverston worked on the Cyber 205 Operating System and CDCNET. Ms. Coverston founded LSC in 1986. At LSC, Ms. Coverston was VP of Technology. She architected and implemented SAM-FS, an advanced storage management system, and QFS, a high performance file system. Sun Microsystems acquired LSC in 2001. Ms. Coverston is a Distinguished Engineer. Ms. Coverston designed and implemented Shared QFS, a SAN file system. Currently, Ms. Coverston is the team leader for the Darpa Hero File System.

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