George Davidson joined Sandia National Laboratories in 1977 as a staff member to conduct research and development of coal gasification and oil shale processing technologies. His work involved the design of large-scale data collection systems and the required data analysis environments. He later worked with embedded, strap-down navigation computers and helped write the HAWK real-time operating system for SANDAC-V, one of the earliest parallel computers. As an original member of the Parallel Computing Department at Sandia, he worked with the earliest massively parallel message passing computers and also investigated and built research dataflow computing architectures. He has four patents from this research. Later, he managed the visualization group for several years. During that time his staff founded three companies based on the department's research: a virtual reality company that went public as Muse Technologies, a haptic interface company, Novint, which is still in business, and VisWave, a company that sold the VxInsight data mining software. He has two patents related to visualization environments. George continues to use large computers and visualization environments to analyze data ranging from graph-based knowledge representations to biological studies of genomic data. His entire career has been concerned with computing and the development of interactive environments for analyzing extremely large datasets.

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