Ralf Gruber (born 22.3.43, married, 3 children)

1968: Diploma in physics at ETH Zürich
1976: PhD in plasma physics at EPF Lausanne

1968-1970: Rieter AG, Winterthur: Optimization problems related to spinning machines
1970-1985: CRPP-EPFL: MHD studies of fusion reactor experiments
1985-1990: Director GASOV-EPFL: User support Cray-1, Cray-2, ASTRID program environment, ERCOFTAC Co-ordination Centre
1991-1995: CSCS-ETHZ, Manno: Vice-director CSCS for NEC SX-3 user support and projects with scientific and industrial partners
1996-2002: Director CAPA-EPFL: Post-graduate courses, industrial co-operations in computational science
1997-2000: EPFL: Responsible for the Swiss-Tx commodity cluster project
2000-2003: Industrial cluster computing project: Automatic cutting of tissues for clothes
2003-now: GRID computing project: Intelligent GRID Scheduling System, Research project in Hybrid h-p Methods, Course in High Performance Computing Methods

Interdisciplinary computer applications, program environments, parallel application technologies, eigenvalue problems, high order finite hybrid element methods, GRID computing

1970-now: Stages at USA (Princeton, Oak Ridge, Livermore), Japan (JAERI, Nagoya, NEC), GB (JET, Culham), D (Garching), Russia (Keldysh)
2000-2001: Co-founder of the Company ClusterSolutions (CS) SA for the design and support of the 1420 nodes GeneProt industrial cluster.

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