Karen G. Haines

Karen G. Haines is the currently the Director of the Western Australian Supercomputer Program (WASP) at the University of Western Australia in Perth. Dr. Haines completed her PhD in Electrical Engineering at the University of New Mexico. She received her Masters in Engineering at Carnegie Mellon University and her Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics at the University of California, San Diego. Her research efforts have lead to the development of a parallel motion detection algorithm, which is based on the fly's early visual processing system. The resulting model is suitable for robotic and motion detection applications. This work relied on distributed parallel programming and advanced scientific visualisation methods.

Dr. Haines was instrumental in instituting the WASP. The centre focuses on the research and development of visualisation technologies, such as on-demand and real-time parallel rendering, parallel GPU programming, distributed interactive virtual reality and immersive environments, parallel scientific visualisation. As an Associate Professor at the University of Western Australia, she is responsible for providing workshops and guidance in the areas of High Performance Computing, which includes distributed parallel programming.

Current research interests of Dr. Haines include programmable graphics processing units (PGPU) for general purpose applications, scientific visualisation and immersive environments, computational modelling, neural networks and motion detection. Her research efforts include the extension of photogrammetry to develop realistic 3D graphical models suitable for real world immersive environments. Most recently Dr Haines is investigating the application of Stream programming to PGPUs to develop iterative algorithms on the GPU. Such programs include the wavelet transformation, the matching cubes algorithm, and the Fuzzy Clustering algorithm.

Dr. Haines is effective in fostering activities that share knowledge derived from high performance computing and scientific visualization research. In collaboration with CSIRO, Central TAFE, and the WA Dept. of Industry and Resources, she was awarded the inaugural Western Australian Premier’s Collaborative Research grant. She is also a contributing researcher in the recently awarded Australian Innovation Access Programme proposal for “Integrating Australia info Global e-Science Activates.

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