Andrew Jones
is the High End Computing Development and Outreach Manager within Manchester Computing at the University of Manchester, driving the strategy for supporting research through "strategic computing resources", especially HPC. This includes the promotion of HPC as an enabler of research, within the University, nationally, and internationally, and of the UK's world class expertise in this area. Andrew has nearly a decade's experience of using, research and managing scientific computing based on both HPC and common desktop platforms, initially with a particular focus on computing electromagnetic phenomena (computational techniques and algorithms, validation, integration with experimental facilities, post-processing, data interaction/analysis techniques); but more recently with a focus on HPC itself, including benchmarking and future technology evaluations. Andrew is also actively involved with procurement, support and management of HPC services and has expertise in the challenges and application of HPC, including both technical and non-technical issues associated with applying this successfully to real world problems. Andrew has produced a number of publications including conferences papers, and is currently a member of the SGI User Group board with responsibility for the novel computing technologies Special Interest Group.

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