Dr. Peter Kogge received his Ph.D in EE from Stanford in 1973. From 1968 until
1994 he was with IBM's Federal Systems Division, and was appointed an IBM Fellow in 1993. In August, 1994 he joined the University of Notre Dame as first holder of the McCourtney Chair in Computer Science and Engineering.

He is currently the Associate Dean for Research, College of Engineering.

He is also an IEEE Fellow and a Distinguished Visiting Scientist at JPL.

He holds over 30 patents and is author of two books, including the first text on the now ubiquitous technique of hardware pipelining.

His current research areas include massively parallel processing architectures, advanced VLSI and nano technologies, and non von Neumann models of programming and execution. Major current projects currently include merging logic and memory on the same chip, inherently low power computer architectures, and the use of nano level technologies such as Quantum dot Cellular Automata.

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