Walt Ligon is an Associate Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Clemson. He received the B. S. and M. S. degrees in Information and Computer Science from the Georgia Institute of Technology. He completed his Ph.D. in Computer Science in Georgia Tech's College of Computing in September, 1992. His teaching interests are in parallel computing, digital hardware, and computer architecture. Dr. Ligon's research interests are in parallel I/O systems, reconfigurable computing, problem solving environments, and Beowulf cluster computers. Applications of interest include large out-of-core numerical problems, processing of satellite imagery, and problems from simulation of film and fiber formation including molecular dynamics and fluid dynamics. Dr. Ligon is the director of the Parallel Architectures Research Lab (PARL) http://www.parl.clemson.edu at Clemson University and his current research efforts center around the Parallel Virtial File System 2 (PVFS2) http://pvfs.org

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