Neil Pundit
, Department Manager, Scalable Computing Systems, Sandia National Labs Dr. Neil Pundit is a Department Manager at Sandia National Laboratories responsible for Scalable Computing Systems. His department is focused on system software R&D for current and upcoming supercomputing systems. These include: architecture, FPGA, programming environment, operating systems, communication, parallel file systems and Scalable IO, and supercomputer design through simulation. Neil joined Sandia Labs in 1999. Prior to that his major professional associations include: 16 years with Digital Equipment Corp (Compaq, now HP) as a Group Engineering Manager, and 6 years with Jet Propulsion Laboratory of Caltech. Neil is a recipient of NASA/TRW Lunar Landing Award for the first moon landing in 1969, and NASA/JPL/Caltech Mars Landing Award for the first Mars landing in 1976, and also US Air Force Association's Theodore von Karman award (highest honor in science and engineering) as a member of the Viking Flight Team. His technical direction has resulted in 30 software patents, and 2 international awards for innovative applications. Among his recent affiliations with the supercomputing activities, Neil has been the Panel Chair for Petaflops Computing at SC2000, host for many workshops, member of program committees and paper reviewer for conferences, and the Technical Chair for Sandia-hosted SOS Workshop series since 2000. He is the tri-Lab Lead for ASC Research Exhibit at SC05.

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