Ronald Luijten

Ronald P. Luijten received his Masters of Electronic Engineering with honors from the University of Technology in Eindhoven, Netherlands in 1984. In the same year he joined the communication systems department at IBM's Zurich Research Laboratory in Switzerland. He has contributed to the design of various communication chips, including PRIZMA switches and ATM adapter chip sets, the latter culminating in a 15-month assignment at IBM's networking development laboratory in La Gaude, France as lead-architect, from 1994-95. He manages the IBM server technologies research team in Zurich since 1997, which completed the OSMOSIS optical switch demonstrator in close collaboration with Corning, inc. for the US DOE at the end of 2007. Ronald’s research interests are in datacenter interconnect system performance and design (‘Data Motion in Data Center’). His team is working on optimizing HPC interconnect fabrics for the PERCS machine (IBM DARPA funded project), for the follow-on to Mare Nostrum with the Barcelona Supercomputer Center and for new exploratory architectures with ORNL. His team also works on standardizing congestion control within the Ethernet 802.1Qau body and is also working on 2.5D pattern matching functions for developing the 22nm CMOS design methodology. He holds more than 20 patents, and has co-organized 5 passed IEEE ICCCN conferences and is co-organizing ICCCN 2010. He has been invited to various panels, including at the SuperComputing conference 2007 on HPC interconnects. IBM has awarded Ronald with two outstanding technical achievement awards.