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Transcription of the first video tape covering the first part of the afternoon of Wednesday 14 August 2002 (see schedule). Attendees speaking at this occation should review the transcription and send any comments to If you have extensive comments, please print a copy of the transcription and mark it up and fax to Ann E. Mattsson at Fax: (505) 284-5451. If faxing, please also notify us of the fax by e-mailing

There is a conflict between properly documenting a workshop and the desire to keep it very informal to obtain the best atmosphere for discussions. We have chosen to document the workshop in this way:

  • We will scan all OH-presentations directly after the talk. The posters will be photographed.
  • For those of you that will give a PowerPoint (or other computer) presentation, you will need to give us a CD with your presentation on it. Please contact us before the workshop if this is a problem.
  • We will video-tape the presentations and the discussions, except for the informal discussions after dinner each evening.
  • After the workshop the tapes will be transcribed into a document that each of you will get a copy of, in order to review your entries. You will have the opportunity to moderately edit what you said and also to remain anonymous in all or some places in the text if you prefer. When the transcription is approved the original tapes will be erased.
  • The approved transcription and all presentations will be put on a CD that will be sent to each of the attendees. From this raw material we will write a few reports that are required from us. You will, of course, be notified about where to find these reports.

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Modified on: January 20, 2004