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Rationale and Plan for the Red Storm IO Risk Mitigation Project (Draft)
Presentation to Cray, August 2006
Phase 2 Test Results



Red Storm IO Performance Analysis

The following are links to the initial phase (phase 1) of performance testing accomplished in June and July of 2006. This testing was performed to establish a baseline, and to reveal areas of further interest to be investigated.

TEST1 - Single client, file-per-process, increasing stripe(transfer) size. 
TEST2 - Increasing client, file-per-process, 1 stripe.
TEST3 - Increasing client, file-per-process, 2 stripe.
TEST4 - Increasing client, file-per-process, 2 stripe, limited OST's, 60:1 oversubscription.
TEST5 - Increasing client, shared-file-access, 8 stripe, limited OST's, 60:1 oversubscription.

James H. Laros III

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