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Rationale and Plan for the Red Storm IO Risk Mitigation Project (Draft)
Presentation to Cray, August 2006
Phase 1 Test Results



Red Storm IO Performance Analysis

The following are links to phase 2 performance testing accomplished in January of 2007. This testing was performed as a follow on to phase 1 testing after both hardware and software upgrades were performed on the system. At least one identified bottleneck in performance was expected to be resolved as a result of the upgrades.

TEST1 - Single client, file-per-process, increasing stripe(transfer) size. 
TEST2 - Increasing client, file-per-process, 1 stripe.
TEST3 - Increasing client, file-per-process, 2 stripe.
TEST4 - Increasing client, file-per-process, 2 stripe, limited OST's, 60:1 oversubscription.
TEST5 - Increasing client, shared-file-access, 8 stripe, limited OST's, 60:1 oversubscription.

James H. Laros III

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