Milt Clauser leads the development of the Vplant computer clusters, Sandia's terascale data and visualization clusters. Last year, the largest Vplant cluster achieved a record-breaking rendering rate exceeding 1 billion polygons per second and then became one of the first Linux clusters to break the Teraflop barrier. Another Vplant cluster drives Sandia's 62-million-pixel display wall. Milt received his SB in Electrical Engineering from M.I.T in 1961 and his PhD in Physics from Caltech in 1966. Following a Postdoctoral Fellowship at the Technische Hochschule Muenchen, he joined Sandia in 1967, where he has held a variety of staff and management positions in the fields of solid-state physics, computational physics, inertial fusion, severe accidents in nuclear power plants, strategic defense, directed energy weapons, and currently, computer systems development. In addition to terascale cluster development, his research achievements include the invention of an inertial fusion target and development of the basis for Sandia's Z-pinch research program.