Ronald P. Luijten received his Masters of Electronic Engineering from the University of Technology in Eindhoven, Netherlands, with honors in 1984. In the same year he joined the communication systems department at IBM's Zurich Research Laboratory in Switzerland. He has worked on various communication chips, including switches and ATM adaptation hardware, the latter culminating in a 15-month assignment at IBM's networking development laboratory in La Gaude, France as lead-architect, in 1994-95. He currently manages the high-speed switching research team in Zurich, closely working with IBM's development labs in La Gaude (France) and Böblingen (Germany). His research interests are in high speed switching system design, Quality of Service, network processors and high-speed / high-density electro-optical interconnect. He holds around 15 patents in the area of ATM and switching, and is co-organizing the IEEE ICCCN01 / 02 conferences.