José E. Moreira received B.S. degrees in physics and electrical engineering in 1987 and an M.S. degree in electrical engineering in 1990, all from the University of Sao Paulo, Brazil. He received his Ph.D. degree in electrical engineering from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in 1995. Dr. Moreira is a Research Staff Member and Manager, Modular System Software, at the IBM Thomas J. Watson Research Center. Since joining the IBM Thomas J. Watson Research Center in 1995, he has been involved in several high-performance computing projects, including the Teraflop-scale ASCI Blue-Pacific and ASCI White. Dr. Moreira is the author of over 30 publications on high-performance computing. He is currently the spec lead for the Java Community Process proposal to add multidimensional arrays to Java. In the Blue Gene project, he is the system software architect for this family of massively parallel machines.