Neil Pundit, Department Manager, Scalable Computing Systems, Sandia National Labs Dr. Neil Pundit is a Department Manager at Sandia National Laboratories responsible for Scalable Computing Systems. His department is focused on system software R&D for Cplant™ and upcoming supercomputing systems. Neil joined Sandia Labs in 1999. Prior to that his major professional associations include: 16 years with Digital Equipment Corp (Compaq, now HP) as a Group Engineering Manager, and 6 years with Jet Propulsion Laboratory of Caltech. Neil is a recipient of NASA/TRW Lunar Landing Award for the first moon landing in 1969, and NASA/JPL/Caltech Mars Landing Award for the first Mars landing in 1976, and also US Air Force Association's Theodore von Karman award (highest honor in science and engineering) as a member of the Viking Flight Team. His technical direction has resulted in 30 software patents, and 2 international awards for innovative applications. Among his recent affiliations with the supercomputing activities, Neil has been the Technical Chair for the 4th Workshop on Distributed Supercomputing in 2000 (SOS4), a Panel Chair for Petaflops Computing at SC2000, host for many workshops, member of program committees of conferences, and the Technical Chair for SOS7 Workshop.