Daniel Verwaerde was born in 1954 and spent most of his study time in France, where was involved in mathematics, physics, modelisation, and computers science. I was graduated from the French University" "Ecole Centrale de Paris" in 1977, where he ranked number one in the "Applied mathematics" specialty. Daniel entered CEA (French Atomatic Energy Commission) in 1978, where he developed new numerical methods and codes for neutron, photon, charged particules transport and diffusion. In 1986, he took a technical management position, and was the Head of "Simulation and Computer Science" Department in CEA until 1996. In 1996, France decided to stop nuclear testing and to switch to Simulation. So, he was asked to become first Program Director for the French science based stockpile stewardship program, involving physics, 2D and 3D codes and Simulation, Tera computing and two large aboveground experiment facilities analogus to DARHT and NIF. In year 2000 he became the Director of DAM-Ile de FRANCE CEA Center, which gathers the French weapons designers, the teams in charge of computer science and experiments, with the teams in charge of Treaty surveillance and Environment. Daniel Verwaerde got married in 1978; with his wife Danièle. They have got four children, a 16-year-old boy and triplets who are 10.