Dr. Kenneth E. Washington is the Director of Sandia's Distributed Information Systems Center in Livermore California. Ken has a B.S., M.S., and Ph.D. in Nuclear Engineering from Texas A&M University. Since coming to Sandia in 1986 he has held several technical, management, and program leadership positions. His experiences include algorithm and software development for nuclear reactor containment safety systems, a supply chain decision support system for government customers, and industry partners, and decision support computer models for Sandia's nuclear weapons and energy environment programs. In his current role he is responsible for leading the computing center at Sandia's California site, which includes a broad information science and technology research and development portfolio as well as responsibility for Sandia California's telecommunications and information infrastructure services, cyber security, and related support functions. Under Ken's leadership, Sandia's Distributed Information Systems Center develops a variety of computing solutions ranging from new mathematical algorithms for high performance computing, to next generation networks, and new computing architecture concepts. He is active in the Sandia volunteer program, champions and participates in Sandia's diversity initiative, and is a member of the IEEE computing society. Ken is engaged to be married in early 2003, has three children and two future stepchildren.