Bill Camp (SNL)
(This is a summarization by Neil Pundit)

Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to SOS7, the 7th Workshop on Distributed Supercomputing. I am Bill Camp, Director of Sandia's Center for Computer, Computation, Information, and Mathematics. Sandia is the host this year.

The founding sponsors of SOS are: Sandia National Laboratories, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, and the Swiss Institute of Technology (ETH and EPFL). The hosting rotates between the founders, and it is held 2 years in a row in the US, and the third year in Switzerland.

This year the scope of the Workshop has been enlarged to include all major DOE Labs and other research organizations. We have 3 full days of interesting program for you.
The invited attendees number 120. This is the largest attendance in the history of SOS.

The person most responsible for the Program is the Technical Chair Neil Pundit who has worked with many of you to carve out an excellent set of sessions. Our Administrative Staff , welcoming you at the registration, are Barbara DeLap and Mel Lucero. Barbara, Mel, and Deanna Ceballos (who could not be here) have helped Neil with all administrative and logistical details, and Bernadette Watts has done an excellent job with the SOS7 website.

It is very heart-warming for me to see the cream of supercomputing world present here.
I welcome each one of you. Particularly, I am grateful to our overseas participants.

We wish to get started with the Program with a few words from David Womble and Neil Pundit. David is the Director of Sandia's Computer Science Research Institute which is the sponsor of this event.

Once again, our heartiest welcome to you! David, you are next.