Technical Highlights of SOS7
Neil Pundit, Technical Chair

Friends, I am very pleased to see you all here. We have 3 full days of highly interactive program for you.

From my various emails and our website you already know our proposed program. The final program is in your package. It contains a short bio of the participants as well.

As you know our partners are Oak Ridge National Lab and the Swiss Institute of Technology. In planning and firming up the agenda, I received much help from our founders and colleagues. I am grateful to Al Geist for keeping me on track when I seem to be going astray, and for our gentle Swiss friends Ralf Gruber, Pierre Kuonnen, and Marie-Christine Sawley for their helpful contributions. And, of course, Bill Camp provided all the guidance and encouragement.

For an event of this kind, we count on our vendors for their generous support. I am happy to tell you that most major vendors are all present here, and they have all contributed generously. I encourage you to look around and express your appreciation to the vendors representatives attending the Workshop.

The hallmark of SOS series has been the audience participation. I have sought help from many of you in planning the agenda of this Workshop. We have allocated 50% time for audience participation. For example, you will have 10 minutes for Questions and Answers, following a 20-minute talk.

What we have put together for you is a 'good' program. And, we are counting on you to make it a 'great' program by your active participation.

One last note: I will be observing time very closely to make sure that we adhere to and complete the program as planned. Thank you and let us get started.