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Scalable IO


Lee Ward

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Released Trace Data

S3d I/O kernel trace data was collected during runs on 6400 clients of Redstorm. Each run dumped 10 sets of data. The Fortran I/O run generated 45G per dump, in file per process mode. The mpiio run also generated 45G per dump, to a single file for each set of data.

The CTH trace data was collected during a ~4 hour run of CTH version 8.1, running on 3300 clients of Redstorm. The run produced restart dumps every 20 minutes, a total of 10 dumps during the runs to 2 alternating file sets. Some visualization, history, and log files were also generated.

Details of the Alegra trace data, in the files 2744.traces.sanitized.gz and 5832.traces.sanitized.gz, are included in the trace format document.

NOTE: All files have been updated on 05/21/09 due to time stamp corrections and/or lseek value corrections. If you have downloaded trace files prior to this date please replace your copy with the new files.

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