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Compilation and Makefiles

The Zoltan distribution includes a main (top-level) makefile with targets for the Zoltan library, the test driver programs, and some graphical tools. When the library is compiled for a specific target platform, A, Autotools and CMake obtain provide platform-specific configuration information.

Both the Autotools and CMake build systems must be maintained in Zoltan. Thus, new source code files and directories must be added for both systems. It is easiest to follow the examples of existing files in the build environments; good examples are hsfc.h, hsfc.c, dr_loadbal_const.h and dr_loadbal.c.

To add new source files or source directories:

Alternatively, new algorithms can be added as separate libraries with which Zoltan may link. The implementation of the ParMETIS interface in Zoltan can serve as an example.

To add new third-party libraries:

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