update_srm_firmware - perform a network update of the SRM firmware on Alpha nodes




update_srm_firmware [--help] [--db connectstring] --firmware <file> <item>...


This script only applies to Device::Node::Alpha hardware that has an SRM management console. It initiates a SRM firmware update via network boot.

The node should be set up for network booting, and the firmware filename given should be the relative path used by tftp.

For example:

        update_srm_firmware --firmware ds10_v6_1.exe node4

where "ds10_v6_1.exe" is a file in /tftpboot on node4's leader.


--firmware <file> Required option, specify the firmware update file to boot. (file path as it will be accessed via tftp)

--db <connectstring> Database type and connection information. For GDBM, "GDBM:" followed by the filename of the cluster database to use. For LDAP, the syntax is "LDAP:host:port:dbname"

--help Print extended usage information

--man Print this manpage.


update_srm_firmware will accept multiple devices or collections on the command line. If multiple devices are to be updated they will be done sequentially.

This process can be very SLOW, so please be patient!

Nodes must have their console at the SRM prompt ("READY" state) before running this script.


The default paths for location of the cluster configuration database, cloned directories, supporting libraries, and other settings are recorded in the config file. Set the environment variable CLUSTER_CONFIG to the location of, or use the default of /cluster/config


status, check_srm_pass, config_srm_pass, clear_srm_pass