CPlant - FY 00 Platform

Phase III Platform

During 2000, Sandia purchased 48 32-node scalable units from Compaq.

Hardware Components


The compute partition is composed of 1536 Compaq DS10L 1U servers each of which contains:

These serverss do not have floppy drives, hard disk drives, or CD-ROM drives.

High-Speed Network

The 1536 compute node machines are connected with Myricom's Myrinet gigabit networking hardware. Each node contains a 64-bit, 33 MHz Myrinet LANai-7 or LANai-9 network interface card connected to a 64-port Mesh64 switch custom-built for Sandia.


The machine is composed of 48 cabinets, each of which contains the following:

These machines will compose a large "middle" section that is able to move between different network "heads". There are currently three heads, one on the open network, one on the internal restricted network, and one on the classified network. At any one time, the middle section is attached to only one of these heads.