CPlant - News


August 20, 2000
Albuquerque Journal story on system software development for Cplant.

August 11, 2000
Sandia Lab News story about Cplant's FY00 addition.

November, 1999
IEEE Task Force on Cluster Computing newsletter with an article on Cplant's Top 500 placement.

November 24, 1999
Wired News article on Cplant.

November 11, 1999
580-node run on Cplant99 is #44 on the November 1999 Top 500 list at 232.6 GFLOPS, maintaining its position as the highest-ranking Linux machine.

( 572-node run of 247.6 GFLOPS on 572 nodes would have placed it at #40 on the list had it made the submission deadline.)

August 29, 1999
Cplant mentioned in The Age, an Australian national newspaper.

August 12, 1999
Linux Journal mentions Cplant performance numbers and Top 500 ranking in the "Up Front" department.

June 28, 1999
Government Computer News article mentioning Cplant.

June 14, 1999
350-node run on Cplant98 achieves 125.2 GFLOPS, which would place it at #53 on the June 1999 Top 500 list.

June 10, 1999
150-node run on Cplant98 falls to #129 on the June 1999 Top 500 list, maintaining its position as the highest ranking Linux machine.

January, 1999
Computer Bits article on open source software mentions Cplant.

November 17, 1998
150-node run on Cplant98 moved up to #97 on corrected November 1998 Top 500 list.

November 5, 1998
150-node run on CPlant98 is #98 on the November 1998 Top 500 list , making it the highest ranking Linux machine.

September, 1998
Inside Sandia article on Cplant.