CPlant People

Current group (Summer 1999) Including Summer Interns

Back row, left to right: Geoff McGirt, Mike McConkey, Bob Davis, Jim Otto, Rolf Riesen, Lee Ann Fisk.

Third row, left to right: Matt Burke, Lee Ward, Bill Young.

Second row, left to right: Jim Laros, Ron Brightwell, John VanDyke.

Front row, left to right: Tutle, Neil Pundit, Daniel Lehenbauer, Tramm Hudson, Jeanette Johnston.

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People Who Helped Build the 1997 Prototype

L to R: David Greenberg, Rolf Riesen, John Van Dyke, Pang Chen, Ron Brightwell, Dave van Dresser, Lee Ann Fisk, Mike Levenhagen, Bill Davidson.

Current List of Cplant Developers