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Confirmed Attendees

Name Affiliation Title of Talk
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Walter Kohn UCSB Opening Remarks
John Perdew Tulane Strategies for the Development of New Density Functionals for the Exchange-Correlation Energy
Poster: Surface Energy of Jellium: Was Density Functional Theory Right All Along?
Michael Teter Cornell Opening of Sessions on Deficiencies of Current Exchange-correlation Functionals
Ann Mattsson Sandia National Laboratories Subsystem Functionals in Density Functional Theory
Poster: Correcting for the Surface Intrinsic Error in Calculations Done with Current Approximations of the Exchange-correlation Functional in Density Functional Theory
William Goddard III California Institute of Technology Applications of DFT to Chemical, Materials, and Biological Systems: Successes, Failures, Ideas for Improvements
Anne Chaka NIST How general are hybrid functionals?
Dwight Jennison Sandia National Laboratories The Importance of Surface Self-Energy in Metal/Metal-Oxide Adhesion
Peter Feibelman Sandia National Laboratories  
Thomas Mattsson Sandia National Laboratories Calculating the Vacancy Formation Energy in Metals: Pt, Pd and Mo
Richard Martin Los Alamos National Laboratory Experiences with Hybrid DFT and Inorganic Materials
Klaus W. Capelle Universidade de Sao Paulo, Brazil

Density-functional Theory for the Hubbard Model: Numerical Results for the Luttinger Liquid And Mott Insulator
Poster: On the Calculation of Many-body Wave Functions and Energies from Density-functional Theory

Peter Schultz Sandia National Laboratories Poster: SeqQuest
Alan Wright Sandia National Laboratories Poster: Socorro: A Modular Extensible Framework for Electronic-structure Calculations
Kieron Burke Rutgers University Polarization without Surfaces: The Need for Current-density Functional Theory
Michael Springborg University of Saarland, Germany Phase-space Functions and Energy Densities
Michael Desjarlais Sandia National Laboratories Poster: Electrical and Optical Properties of Dense Metal Plasmas and Liquids
Ron Brightwell Sandia National Laboratories Poster: Sandia's Computational Plant
Stephan Kuemmel Tulane University A Simple Way to Construct the Exact Optimized Effective Potential for Orbital Functionals, Including Exact Exchange
Rickard Armiento Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden  
Qin Wu Duke University Poster: Empirical Correction to Density Functional Theory for Van der Waals
Poster: Density Functional Theory Calculations with Correct Long Range Potentials
Yonghoon Kim California Institute of Technology Optical Spectrum of Semiconductors by Time-dependent Density-funcitonal Theory with the Exact-exchange Method
Mel Levy North Carolina A&T State University Correlation Potentials from Integral Formulation of Density Functional Perturbation Theory
Peter Kratzer Fritz-Haber-Institut, Germany Performance of Density Functionals Compared to the Quantum Monte Carlo Method: Case Study of H2 Adsorptions on Silicon
Jianmin Tao Tulane

Poster: Construction of a New Meta-Generalized Gradient Approximation

Gustavo E. Scuseria Rice University

Local Hybrid Functionals and Hybrid Functionals from Screened Coulomb Potentials
He will also share from his experience from the CECAM workshop that he organized in June.

Susan Rempe Sandia National Laboratories Poster: Density Functional Theory Applied to Liquids
Weitao Yang Duke University Exchange-Correlation Potentials: A New Method for Calculating the Exchange Correlation Potentials from Functionals of Orbitals and for Performing Conventional Density Functional Calculations with Correct Long Range Potentials
Anders Niklasson Los Alamos National Laboratories  
Matt Challacombe Los Alamos National Laboratories  

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