Informatics is the science that encompasses powerful data methods and relationship-based analytic methods to support decision-making, and decision-makers, when data is so complex or so voluminous as to defy its effective use for detailed understanding.  Sandia has the opportunity to leverage decades of experience in High Performance Computing for science and physics-based applications, re-factoring the expertise for informatics challenges critical to the Nation.  CIS will serve as the internal research organization to Sandia mission organizations, with the vision to differentiate ourselves as the informatics and scalable analysis research organization for decision-support in national security and national-level challenges.

The Networks Grand Challenge laboratories’ directed R&D is our flagship project in informatics, with 50-60 staff and over $13M in funding.  While we balance research focus with mission pull, the Networks GC affords us the opportunity to bring together previously disjoint research under a unifying programmatic focus, to hone our informatics vision and strategy and build a sustainable informatics research program, where Sandia can establish a leadership position and make a difference to the Nation’s “big data” challenges.

William E. Hart, Ph.D., Manager

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