A Survey of Global Optimization Methods

Perry Gray, William Hart, Laura Painton, Cindy Phillips, Mike Trahan, John Wagner
Sandia National Laboratories
Albuquerque, NM 87185


This document surveys standard global optimization algorithms. The focus of this survey is on general techniques that are applicable to a wide variety of combinatorial and continuous optimization problems that are likely to arise in applications at Sandia National Laboratories. This survey complements existing web surveys like the global (and local) optimization web page by providing more information about the methods. The description of each optimization method includes (a) an overview of the method, (b) a list of application domains in which it has been successfully applied, (c) notes about the software that is available, (d) references for further information and (e) links to other web resources.

Introduction to Global Optimization


Demonstration Examples

Sandia Optimization Web Page
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