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Scalable System Software - Interconnect R&D

The Scalable System Software department has a long history of important contributions to the research and development of system software for high-performance interconnects for large-scale parallel computing systems. Since the early days of large distributed memory massively parallel processing machines, Sandia has conducted research and development on low-level networking programming interfaces and helped increase the understanding of the important interconnect capabilities that impact the scalability and performance of high-performance computing applications and system services. Sandia is also the only DOE national laboratory to deploy its low-level interconnect software on large-scale vendor-supported production platforms. Sandia, together with researchers from the University of New Mexico, partnered with Intel to deploy the Portals interconnect software on ASCI Red, the first terascale parallel computing platform. More recently, Sandia partnered with Cray to release a subsequent version of Portals for the SeaStar interconnect on Cray's XT supercomputers. SeaStar and Portals helped the Cray XT become Cray's most commercially successful product line.

Current Interconnect R&D Projects

Other Projects

Sandia researchers also actively contribute to and participate in several community projects, including:

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