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The source code and documentation for the Zoltan library is maintained under the Concurrent Versions System (CVS) software. CVS allows multiple developers to edit their own copies of the software and merges updated versions with the developers' own versions. Zoltan's repository is part of the Trilinos repository. Developers must set the CVSROOT environment variable to the repository directory:
setenv CVSROOT username@software.sandia.gov:/space/CVS
where username is the developer's username on the CVS server software.sandia.gov. Since Zoltan is part of Trilinos, it is best to check out Trilinos from the repository:
cvs checkout -P Trilinos
Zoltan is then in directory Trilinos/packages/zoltan.

Alternatively, one can get a working copy of only the Zoltan software:

cvs checkout -P zoltan
However, changes to the Autotools build environment require directories above the Zoltan directory in the Trilinos repository, so it is best to check out the entire Trilinos repository.

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