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Layout of Directories

The source code is organized into several subdirectories within the Zoltan main directory. General interface routines are stored in a single directory. Communication and memory allocation utilities available to all algorithms are in separate directories. Each load-balancing method (or family of methods) should be stored in its own directory. In addition, a courtesy copy of the ParMETIS graph-partitioning package is included in the top-level directory ParMETIS.

In the following table, the source-code directories currently in the Zoltan directory are listed and described.
Directory Description
zz General Interface definitions, Zoltan data structure definitions, interface functions and functions related to the interface See Interface Functions, ID Data Types, and Data Structures.
lb Load-Balancing interface routines, and load-balancing data structure definitions.
all Special memory allocation functions for memory returned by Zoltan to an application. 
par Parallel computing routines.
param Routines for changing parameter values at runtime.
parmetis Routines to access the ParMETIS and Jostle partitioning libraries.
rcb Recursive Coordinate Bisection (RCB) and Recursive Inertial Bisection (RIB) algorithms.
hsfc Hilbert Space-Filling Curve partitioning algorithm.
bsfc Binned Space-Filling Curve partitioning algorithm.
oct Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute's octree partitioning algorithms.
reftree William Mitchell's Refinement Tree Partitioning algorithm and refinement tree data structure.
timer Timing routines.
ch Routines to read Chaco input files and build graphs for the driver program zdrive.
ha Routines to support heterogeneous architectures.
fort Fortran (F90) interface for Zoltan.
Utilities/shared Simple functions and utilities shared by Zoltan and other Zoltan Utilities.
Utilities/Memory Memory management utilities
Utilities/Communication Unstructured communication utilities
Utilities/DDirectory Distributed Data Directory utilities
Utilities/Config Platform-specific makefile definitions for compiler, library and include-file paths.
driver Test driver programs, zdrive and zCPPdrive.
fdriver Fortran90 version of the test driver program.
examples Simple examples written in C and C++ that use Zoltan.
docs/Zoltan_html Zoltan documentation and home page.
docs/Zoltan_html/ug_html User's guide in HTML format.
docs/Zoltan_html/dev_html Developer's guide in HTML format.
docs/Zoltan_pdf PDF versions of the Zoltan User's Guide and Developer's Guide.
docs/internal SQA documents for the Zoltan project.
The directory structure of the Zoltan distribution.

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