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Jonathan W. Berry

Circa 2004

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Jonathan Berry
(505) 284-4021

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I am a Principal Member of Technical Staff at Sandia National Laboratories. My primary research interests include graph algorithms and high-performance computing. I have other interests in machine learning, applied optimization, cloud computing, and combinatorial algorithms.

I may be best known for leading the team that created the open-source MultiThreaded Graph Library ( MTGL), a variant on the Boost Graph Library that is designed to run on shared memory systems. If you are interested in doing some generic programming (i.e., portable, abstract, high-performing), the MTGL has a relatively low learning curve. It carries no Boost dependency, its tests can be compiled in seconds, it can run in serial on your Linux/Mac/Windows workstation, and there are lots of basic tutorials. It can also run multithreaded on Linux/Mac with Qthreads.

I also serve on the Graph500 Steering Committee.


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