Parallel, adaptive finite element methods for conservation laws
Rupak Biswas, Karen D. Devine, and Joseph E. Flaherty
Appl. Num. Math., 14, (1994) 255-283.

We construct parallel finite element methods for the solution of hyperbolic conservation laws in one and two dimensions. Spatial discretization is performed by a discontinuous Galerkin finite element method using a basis of piecewise Legendre polynomials. Temporal discretization utilizes a Runge-Kutta method. Dissipative fluxes and projection limiting prevent oscillations near solution discontinuities. A posteriori estimates of spatial errors are obtained by a p-refinement technique using superconvergence at Radau points. The resulting method is of high order and may be parallelized efficiently on MIMD computers. We compare results using different limiting schemes and demonstrate parallel efficiency through computations on an nCUBE/2 hypercube. We also present results using adaptive h- and p-refinement to reduce the computational cost of the method.