Toward Parallel, Adaptive Mesh Refinement for Chemically Reacting Flow Simulations
K.D. Devine, J.N. Shadid, A.G. Salinger, S.A. Hutchinson and G.L. Hennigan
Proceedings of the Tenth International Conference on Finite Elements in Fluids
Tuscon, AZ, January, 1998.

Adaptive numerical methods offer greater efficiency than traditional numerical methods by concentrating computational effort in regions of the problem domain where the solution is difficult to obtain. In this paper, we describe progress toward adding mesh refinement to MPSalsa, a computer program developed at Sandia National Laboratories to solve coupled three-dimensional fluid flow and detailed reaction chemistry systems for modeling chemically reacting flow on large-scale parallel computers. Data structures that support refinement and dynamic load-balancing are discussed. Results using uniform refinement with mesh sequencing to improve convergence to steady-state solutions are also presented.