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Surface and Interface Sciences Department, 1114
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O. Anatole von Lilienfeld

Navigating Chemical Compound Space 2011 workshop homepage is up at IPAM, get the corresponding poster.

Loosely speaking, my research deals with the development and application of algorithms enabling rational compound design (RCD), i.e. the virtual identification and optimization of interesting materials/catalysts/drugs, involving areas and topics such as chemical space, (molecular) grand-canonical ensemble (density functional) theory, multi-scaling schemes, statistical mechanics (using electronic, atomistic, coarse-grained & empirical force-fields), molecular dynamics, defects, (molecular) crystals, surface chemistry, nano-objects etc. Here is a little overview talk: Multiscale schemes for the predictive description and virtual engineering of materials . My work is mostly based on combined statistical mechanics and electronic structure theory software, such as CPMD, SeqQuest, VASP, abinit, octopus, LAMMPS, QUANTUM ESPRESSO, and others.



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Collaborators -- outside SNL


Sep 2010--- Senior Member of Technical Staff in the Surface and Interface Sciences Department at Sandia National Laboratories, New Mexico.
2007-2010 Truman Fellow in the Multiscale Dynamic Material Modeling Department at Sandia National Laboratories, New Mexico.
Spring 2007 Postdoctoral Research Fellow with Denis Andrienko (projectleader in Prof. K. Kremer's Theory of Polymers group), MPI Mainz, Germany.
2005-2007 Postdoctoral Research Fellow with Mark Tuckerman, Chemistry Department, NYU, New York.
Fall 2005 Postdoctoral Research Fellow at IPAM, UCLA, Los Angeles.
2002-2005 Doctoral studies, Röthlisberger group, ETH Zürich /EPF Lausanne, Switzerland. Download my doctoral thesis (EPFL).
Fall 2001 Photoacoustics research project in the Sigrist group, Institute for Quantum Electronics, Physics Department, ETH Zürich, Switzerland.
Spring 2001 Erasmus exchange diploma thesis in the group of Prof. N. C. Handy at the University of Cambridge, UK, and in the group of Prof. M. Quack, Laboratory of Physical Chemistry, ETH Zürich, Switzerland. Download my diploma thesis (ETHZ/University of Cambridge).
1999-2001 Undergraduate chemistry studies at the Chemistry Department, ETH Zürich, Switzerland.
1998-1999 ECPM, Strasbourg, France.
1996-1998 Chemie Fakultät, Universität Leipzig, Germany.
1992-1996 Grimmelshausen Gymnasium Gelnhausen, Gelnhausen, Germany.
-1992 Freie Waldorfschule Wetterau, Bad Nauheim, Germany.


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Aug: Reactive Alchemy Image placeholder Alchemical changes and derivatives of reaction energetics are computed, and used to efficiently predict promising catalyst candidates. klick for preprint in J. Chem. Phys. (2010).

Jul: Nuclear quantum effects stabilize DNA Image placeholder Nuclear quantum effects, accounted for with Car-Parrinello Path-Integral Molecular Dynamics (CP-PIMD), render the rare enol tautomer of Watson-Crick base pair models metastable. Watch the movie, or read the online paper in J. Am. Chem. Soc. (2010), or klick for proof.

Apr: 3-body vdW Image placeholder First numerical estimates of 3-body interatomic Axilrod-Teller-Muto dispersion contributions to van-der-Waals interactions in real systems. Read the article

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