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This page contains some stuff I did as a manager at Sandia from 2002 to 2007.
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Optimization and Uncertainty Estimation, Department 1411:

A complete department web page including mission, staff, projects, products, downloads, publications, and links (e.g. to our partners) is available.

Department Mission & Vision

Our mission is to lead in the fields of large-scale optimization and uncertainty estimation. We research general methodologies, specific algorithms, and develop software. We enable the application of these tools to the important problems facing the Nation.

Our vision is to revolutionize how Sandia and its DOE partners make critical decisions, by integrating our tools with design, analysis, and assessment processes. Our goal is to have our methods and software adopted throughout the broader community.

Optimization and Model Insight Research Directions at Sandia National Laboratories, presented by Scott at the 2002 INFORMS Chicago Chapter CUSTOM Workshop, Managing Risk in an Uncertain World. This plenary talk gives an overview of Sandia's application challenges leading to our department's unique research focus. (Get the sway movie and blast movie of the ppt presentation. After opening the ppt presentation, choose "update links" when prompted only if you have downloaded these movies.)

Department Projects

A key strength of the department is our many effective collaborations with experts from other parts of Sandia, DOE labs, universities and industry. Major activities of the department include the following: Validation and Verification; Dakota large-scale engineering optimization and uncertainty analysis framework (Large-scale Optimization Software); Surrogate-Based Optimization Algorithms; Uncertainty Estimation and Optimization Under Uncertainty; Large Scale PDE Constrained Optimization / Simultaneous Analysis and Design (SAND); parallel time integration; and inverse PDE-based terrorist attack identification and mitigation.


From 2002-2005 I served on the LDRD S&T CIS IAT (Laboratory Directed Research and Development, Science & Technology, Computer and Information Sciences, Investment Area Team). This is an team that determines the general direction of the most fundamental CS and IS research at Sandia and selects from among the technical staff's specific proposals. See the LDRD homepage (Sandia Only). I also attempt to stay abreast of the following programs, and my department staff work on projects for these programs: ASC Algorithms; ASC Validation & Verification; Computer Science Research Foundation, CSRF; and Mathematical, Information, and Computational Sciences, Applied Mathematical Sciences, DOE Office of Science. We also have several projects funded by commercial companies. We collaborate with numerous professors (and fund a few ourselves).

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