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OpenCPA and OpenShowmesh

OpenCPA and OpenShowmesh

The OpenCPA and OpenShowmesh source code began as a fork of the source code developed by Sandia for the Cray Red Storm machine, which was the first prototype of the Cray XT3 platform. It is a snapshot of the source code from the XT3 repository from July of 2007. This code compiles on SuSE V8 and V9 systems with MySQL V4.0.27. It is very XT3-specific and relies on the system data base (SDB) provided with Cray UNICOS/lc V1.5 systems. It is provided as a model for compute node allocation in a massively parallel processing environment.

CPA has been upgraded to a second version. Additional information on the upgrade can be found on the OpenCPA2 web page. As part of this upgrade, we confirmed that the code builds with SuSE 10 and MySQL V5.0.45.

The source code distribution can be downloaded from the Sandia CCIM download page.

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