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ALEGRA is...

a family of multi-physics codes developed by the Computational Shock and Multiphysics and HEDP Theory Departments at Sandia National Laboratories. The codes --including ALEGRA, ALEGRA-MHD, ALEGRA-HEDP and ALEGRA-EMMA -- constitute an extensive set of physics modeling capabilities built on software in the Nevada framework and third-party libraries. They simulate large deformations and strong shock physics including solid dynamics in an Arbitrary Lagrangian-Eulerian methodology as well as magnetics, magnetohydrodynamics, electromechanics and a wide range of phenomena for high-energy physics applications.ALEGRA calculation collage Our principal customers have applied these codes in a variety of Z-pinch physics experiment designs and applications, in the development of advanced armor concepts, and in numerous National Security programs. Research and development in advanced methods, including code frameworks, large scale inline meshing, multiscale lagrangian hydrodynamics, resistive magnetohydrodynamic methods, material interface reconstruction, and code verification and validation, keeps the software on the cutting edge of high performance computing.



ALEGRA developers are --

primarily staff members of the Computational Shock and Multiphysics Department as well as other departments in the Computation, Computers and Mathematics directorate at Sandia National Laboratories, and the HEDP Theory Department, part of the Pulsed Power Sciences Directorate.

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