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ALEGRA Technical Staff


The technical staff brings considerable breadth and depth of experience to the ALEGRA project. Current project contributors and their areas of expertise within the ALEGRA code development arena follow.


Steven Bova
Manager, Computational Shock and Multiphysics Department, ALEGRA code developers
John Carpenter
Equation of state and material model infrastructure
Susan K. Carroll
Regression testing, code distribution, porting, user support
Richard Drake
Development and support of build and test tools, third party library support, Nevada framework and infrastructure, performance analysis and improvement, I/O, and ALEGRA software design
Tim Fuller
Material modeling
Chris Garasi
David M. Hensinger
Inline meshing, parallel communications, periodic mesh, I/O, performance
Richard Kramer
Interface tracking
Duane A. Labreche
Verification and validation, testing and debugging, training and user support
Ed Love
Lagrangian hydrodynamics.
Christopher Luchini
Software and algorithmic enhancements.
Jay Mosso
Interface reconstruction, remapping algorithms, computational geometry.
John Neiderhaus
Applications, verification and validation.
Curtis Ober
Operator splitting and time integration.
Sharon Petney
Diatoms, material modeling, bug tracking and resolution.
William J. Rider
Computational hydrodynamics, verification and validation, radiation transport
Josh Robbins
Electromechanics modeling
Allen C. Robinson
Technical lead, magnetohydrodynamics, electromechanics, solid kinematics.
Jason Sanchez
Implementation of particle-in-cell, Lagrangian particle and finite element methods; inelastic constitutive and material failure models.
Christopher Siefert
Multilevel solvers and transient magnetics
Thomas Voth
Contact, multi-material, remesh.
V. Gregory Weirs
Verification and validation, PRISM
Michael K. Wong
Lagrangian dynamics and materials, electromechanics applications

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