Current Projects

Sirocco Storage System

Sirocco is a research project in collaboration with Auburn University, Clemson University, and Texas A&M, The design is leveraging a peer-to-peer architecture in order to improve throughput and robustness of data access for the high performance computing platforms of the future. The project aims at providing a reliable storage system which will be resilient in the presence of node loss or network interruptions.


Gibraltar RAID is a collaborative project between Sandia National Laboratories and the University of Alabama at Birmingham for exploring the use of GPUs as offload processors for RAID calculations. A general Reed-Solomon coding library has been developed for NVIDIA CUDA GPUs to enable RAID 6 parity (and more) to be generated at multiple gigabytes per second. It has been integrated into an iSCSI/iSER target to enable highly reliable network-attached and direct-attached data storage.

Scalable I/O Tracing

The Sandia Scalable I/O team developed code to incorporate a light weight tracing capability into the user-level VFS provided by libsysio. Traces of I/O activity from scientific applications running at large scale have been released and are available to researchers to provide input data for simulation tests of new I/O approaches.

Currently work is under way to develop a scalable, lightweight I/O tracing utility for use in the Linux kernel.


The Sandia Scalable I/O team is responsible for the design, development, and maintenance of libsysio, an open source library that provides POSIX-like file I/O and name space support for remote file systems from the application program address space. The library was developed for the light weight kernel Catamount and is currently part of the operating system software on Red Storm and other Cray XT3 platforms.

Lightweight File System

The Lightweight File System (LWFS) project is a collaboration between Sandia National Laboratories and the University of New Mexico investigating the applicability of "lightweight" approaches for I/O on MPP systems.

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