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qt_dictionary_delete - remove a key/value pair from the dictionary


#include <qthread/dictionary.h>

void *
qt_dictionary_delete (qt_dictionary *dict,
void *key);


This function removes a key/value pair, identified by the key, from the dictionary data structure dict.

Return Values

Returns a pointer to the value associated with the key, if the key was present in the dictionary, and NULL otherwise.

See Also

qt_dictionary_create(3) , qt_dictionary_destroy(3) , qt_dictionary_end(3) , qt_dictionary_get(3) , qt_dictionary_iterator_copy(3) , qt_dictionary_iterator_create(3) , qt_dictionary_iterator_destroy(3) , qt_dictionary_iterator_equals(3) , qt_dictionary_iterator_get(3) , qt_dictionary_iterator_next(3) , qt_dictionary_put(3) , qt_dictionary_put_if_absent(3)

Table of Contents