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qt_dictionary_get - retrieve a value from the dictionary


#include <qthread/dictionary.h>

qt_dictionary *
qt_dictionary_get (qt_dictionary *dict,
void *key);


This function retrieves the value stored in the dictionary that is associated with the specified key.

Return Values

Returns the associated item if the key was present in the dictionary, or NULL otherwise.

See Also

qt_dictionary_create(3) , qt_dictionary_delete(3) , qt_dictionary_destroy(3) , qt_dictionary_end(3) , qt_dictionary_iterator_copy(3) , qt_dictionary_iterator_create(3) , qt_dictionary_iterator_destroy(3) , qt_dictionary_iterator_equals(3) , qt_dictionary_iterator_get(3) , qt_dictionary_iterator_next(3) , qt_dictionary_put(3) , qt_dictionary_put_if_absent(3)

Table of Contents