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qt_dictionary_iterator_next - retrieve the current value and advance the iterator


#include <qthread/dictionary.h>

list_entry *
qt_dictionary_iterator_next (qt_dictionary_iterator *iter);


This function advances the iterator and retrieves the next entry. The rules governing entry retrieval are the same as for qt_dictionary_iterator_get().

Return Values

Returns the entry that the iterator points to after advancing. In racy concurrent situations, if the item indicated by the iterator was deleted from the dictionary, multiple results may happen. The next element in the dictionary may be returned, or NULL may be returned, OR an error may be returned. However, it may not crash.

See Also

qt_dictionary_create(3) , qt_dictionary_delete(3) , qt_dictionary_destroy(3) , qt_dictionary_end(3) , qt_dictionary_get(3) , qt_dictionary_iterator_copy(3) , qt_dictionary_iterator_create(3) , qt_dictionary_iterator_destroy(3) , qt_dictionary_iterator_equals(3) , qt_dictionary_iterator_get(3) , qt_dictionary_put(3) , qt_dictionary_put_if_absent(3)

Table of Contents