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qt_dictionary_put_if_absent - insert a key/value pair into a dictionary


#include <qthread/dictionary.h>

void *
qt_dictionary_put_if_absent (qt_dictionary *dict,
void *key,
void *value);


This function inserts a key/value pair, consisting of the key and value specified, into the dictionary dict. The insertion will fail if the key is already present in the dictionary.

Return Values

Returns the address of the item in the dictionary after the put or NULL if the insert failed.

See Also

qt_dictionary_create(3) , qt_dictionary_delete(3) , qt_dictionary_destroy(3) , qt_dictionary_end(3) , qt_dictionary_get(3) , qt_dictionary_iterator_copy(3) , qt_dictionary_iterator_create(3) , qt_dictionary_iterator_destroy(3) , qt_dictionary_iterator_equals(3) , qt_dictionary_iterator_get(3) , qt_dictionary_iterator_next(3) , qt_dictionary_put(3)

Table of Contents