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qt_loop_queue_run, qt_loop_queue_run_there - an intelligent implementation of a threaded loop


#include <qthread/qloop.h>

qt_loop_queue_run (qqloop_handle_t *loop);

qt_loop_queue_run_there (qqloop_handle_t *loop,
qthread_shepherd_id_t shep);


These functions provide an adaptive implementation of a threaded loop. In the case of qt_loop_queue_run(), the number of threads used depends upon the number of shepherds available (and active). The qt_loop_queue_run_there() function spawns a single worker thread on the specified shepherd. Iterations of the loop are processed in chunks, where the size of each chunk is variable and is determined by the style of adaptivity selection when creating the loop handle loop. If a shepherd is deactivated while processing the loop, the worker thread assigned to that shepherd will exit and the remaining worker threads will automatically adapt. Otherwise, these functions behave somewhat similarly to qt_loop_balance() in that they will not return until all iterations of the loop have been completed.

The loop handle must be allocated by qt_loop_queue_create(), and will be deallocated by these functions.

See Also

qt_loop(3) , qt_loop_balance(3) , qt_loopaccum_balance(3) , qt_loop_queue_create(3) , qt_loop_queue_addworker(3)

Table of Contents